High performance technology can only deliver when they remain at optimum levels. Understanding the nuances of matching our products to oilfield operations is an activity we take great pride in doing. 


Dynomax has a talented engineering team creating our innovative products


Dynomax also features a rigorous testing team that implements our QA/QC procedures and pushes our products through our testing regime, determining how far they must exceed our standards, standards that continue to lead the industry.


Our drilling support team provide support to ease the application and implementation process, and this will ensure that the right option is being used for the right tool in the right environment.



Our various components are serviced and maintained in our Leduc, Alberta repair facilities. We have an ongoing maintenance program that adheres to our standard inspection and repair procedures that test for fatigue and damage, and authenticates current operation capacity.


We then make the specific improvements to the component parts affected and rerun them through our testing procedures to ensure that they meet or exceed our component capacity requirements.



We offer a comprehensive support program for our customers that ensures access to support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are here to address any problems or difficulties our customers may experience, and we continue to evolve our service program for efficiency and effectiveness both on site and remotely.


Our Support Technicians have the skills and expertise to determine the challenges that may be faced, and they can anticipate any issues with new configurations or setting decisions made with our components and tools.